Many Las Vegas home and business owners are turning to Green America Tree & Landscaping to install desert landscaping for both cost savings and environmental friendliness. Our city is a jewel in the desert, but to keep the city thriving with enough water and to maintain its beauty, many of us are choosing to embrace these low water landscape designs.

The Benefits Of Installing Desert Landscaping

Many people move to Vegas and want to plant the trees, shrubs, and flowers they are familiar with from back home. While grass and roses are undoubtedly beautiful, they are not well-adapted to our hot, dry climate. Many beautiful low-water plants thrive here and offer pops of color and even shade.

While it can take a bit of getting used to, there is a beauty as well as function in desert landscape ideas and designs. And the benefits can really add up.

  • Unique, Beautiful Design
  • Preserves Water Resources
  • Enormous Cost Savings
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Supports Local Wildlife

Desert Xeriscaping = Water Savings

The word xeriscaping comes from the Greek word “xeric,” which means dry or arid. Water is a precious commodity in Las Vegas, and Green America Tree & Landscaping is a proud Water Smart Contractor with the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

Not only will installing a xeriscape save you money in the long-run, but it will also save you money now. There is a rebate available for removing your lawn and replacing it with desert landscape. We can help.

Colorful Desert Landscape Plants

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty or color when switching to a water-friendly design. Many desert and drought-tolerant plants are bursting with bold color. Our professional landscapers can help you choose colorful plants you will love.

  • Hummingbird Trumpets
  • Mealy Cup Sage
  • Mexican Bird Of Paradise
  • Desert Marigold
  • Rock Penstemon
  • Red Yucca

Drought Tolerant Desert Greenery

You don’t have to miss greenery, either. Although it comes in a new form, xeriscape-friendly plants are green and beautiful, too. We think you will find a new appreciation for the structure and unique elements some of these plants have.

  • Any Variety Of Cactus
  • Mesquite Trees
  • Aloe Vera
  • Agave
  • Giant Hesperaloe
  • Elephant’s Food

Complete The Look WIth Hardscape Design

Hardscapes are the backdrop to showcase the dazzling variety of desert foliage available. With the right walls and pavers installed, your backyard desert landscape can really pop and be an oasis of calm and beauty. We specialize in creating the stone, brick, and hardscape designs that make your home or office stand out from the rest.

Las Vegas Desert Landscaping Pros

Desert friendly landscapes are a smart, beautiful decorative landscaping option. You can trust Green America Tree & Landscaping to transform your outdoor space into one that loves the desert sun and dry climate in Las Vegas. Contact us today to get started on your water-smart design.